BlueCoreResearch gives a DAM


Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) is a new emerging and challenging market bordering both databases and security. The biggest problem in this market is the lack of tools able to provide what is so obviously needed. Blue Core Research aims to fill this gap and provide the products and technologies that can adequately audit your databases.

Compliance is about mitigating risks. Some of the risks you are likely to have in your organization are:

* DBAs – DBAs have unlimited access to the database and as a result they can see and change anything. Their activity must be monitored and reviewed to ensure that they do not abuse their privileges.
* Authorization Control – After reviewing and approving the users and roles currently defined in the database (the baseline), all changes must be reviewed and approved.
* Access Control – After reviewing and approving the current permissions on all the objects in the database (the baseline), all changes would then be reviewed and approved. All permission changes in the database should be reviewed.
* Change Control – Make sure that all changes done in the database match the changes approved though the change control process.

All these requirements and many others like them require a recording device that can capture these types of event and produce reports that can later be reviewed and approved by appropriate personal. The market segment that provides such tools is called DAM (Database Activity Monitoring). This is what we can do better then anyone else. Check us out at