Tools to Administer, Monitor and Tune the Oracle Database.


I just posted a complete integrated set of tools to manage, monitor and tune the Oracle database.

It is free, no registration or email is required. I will just appreciate any kind of feedback to make it better.

The package comprises the following topics:

This section allows you to view and maintain virtually all database objects, including partitioned tables and materialized views. It also includes a function to view inter-dependency between objects.

This section allows you manage users and security. It also includes functions to map objects for each user. You can also view all SQL statement issued by a user since the instance started.

This section allows you to monitor virtually all the database components as well as incorporating user-defined statistics.

This section allows you to define preferences and attributes for odbTools. It also includes setup for user-defined statistics as well as for the alert function.

This sections comprises a simple ad-hoc query generator, an SQL worksheet for non select statements and an interface for analyzing and tuning SQL statements.

This section allows you to generate various SQL and OS scripts from creating a database to creating a table. It also includes a graphical interface to Oracle Logminer and generating, designing and maintaining ER diagrams.

The website is

I will elaborate more in particular about the monitoring section which I believe is very useful and unique in its kind depending on the interest in the package.