Devart Presents Dramatically Improved dbForge Studio for MySQL v.9.0


Devart introduced the new version of its key tool, dbForge Studio for MySQL, v.9.0. Almost every feature of the IDE was examined and significantly improved.

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database management software for developers and DBAs, released dbForge Studio for MySQL, v9.0. The updated version delivers completely new functionality, including Find Invalid MySQL Objects, provides new connectivity options, and contains massive improvements of existing features, including MySQL Data and Schema Compare, Data Import and Export, Code Completion, and much more.

The new version includes the following enhancements:

Find invalid Objects — This brand new feature allows searching through database schemas for invalid objects that require recompilation.

Support for New Objects — The updated dbForge Studio for MySQL allows working with the following objects established in MariaDB 10.3: Packages & Sequences. Also, connectivity support for MariaDB 10.5 and SkySQL has been implemented.

SQL Document Improvements — The –nowarn and –endnowarn tags have been added to the Execution warnings functionality for excluding blocks of code from the check. Plus, an option to export execution history in the CSV file format has been added.

Code Completion and Data Editor Improvements — Code completion is now available even in the body of triggers and events. Cached Updates mode allows users to control data editing within a single database object.

Schema Compare Improvements
Object Filter allows filtering objects right in Comparison Document, and also creating multiple custom filters using the Filter Editor.
HTML reports got a new smooth design and became more informative: apart from information about objects, the HTML reports now include actual script differences.
The old options were modified, and new ones added to improve the performance.

Data Compare Improvements
The process of viewing exact data differences has become smoother and clearer with redesigned Data Compare Control.
dbForge Studio for MySQL now generates several report files in CSV format. One of them contains summary results, and the rest of the files contain specific info about data diffs.
Data Synchronization Wizard includes an option to add a timestamp to the name of the data synchronization script file. The wizard has also been extended with the option to set default values.

Scripts Folder Comparison — allows comparing remote MySQL database schemas and data with the ones stored locally in the script folders and vice versa.

Database Backup Improvements — An option to disable reference tables from the backup has been added.

Data Export/Import Improvements — Data Import Wizard and Data Export Wizard were improved and redesigned.

Command Line — Command Line prompt has been expanded with a full list of available exit codes. Activation of dbForge Studio for MySQL can now be done via the command-line interface which will save some time and effort. Also, Trial product activation was implemented.

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